Helping Business Owners Scale While Saving Time Through Strategic Video Implementation

You know you need to do something to further your brand’s reach, draw inbound interest, & get out of the repetitive conversations you have every day.

We know we help our clients Un-cap their growth, increase LTV of their current & future clients, and build a brand they are proud of.


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What Does SquidCrate Actually Do?

That’s a really good question! We ARE NOT a videography company. You would use a videography company when you know exactly what you want and how you want it to look.

We are a strategy & data-driven agency that utilizes video as the tool to drive actionable change. We do create high-quality video for our clients in-house, but the majority of the work we put forward begins with identifying what actions will make the largest positive change in the organizations we work with.

When you work with us, we care about the result. It seems silly to write down, but we invest our time with you to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for. We ARE NOT here to create a video and move on. We are here to create an actionable content strategy for your organization, implement it with you, measure the tangible results, and continue on the path of growth.


Our Most Frequent Services

There is a LOT that we help our clients achieve. Below are some of the most frequent projects.

Content Captain

You need content for growth, but how do you know what you need? As your Content Captain, we help you navigate the waters & implement the content that will bring the most impact to your organization over the short & long term.

The Video Business Card

Focused on the “Why” you do what you do, “Who” you are, “How” you stand out in your industry, and “What” you accomplish & your clients can expect. This is VERY commonplace for us to start with our clients as the VBC is built for versatility.

Onboarding Processing

New Client or New Employee, you have some sort of onboarding that you follow. We help our clients achieve a consistent, smooth, and efficient onboarding process on either end of the onboarding cycle.

Strategic Video Works.

We consistently see results for our clients because we believe in what we do. Our process begins with understanding who we are working with on a deep level. We live by, “Correlation does not equal Causation”; meaning we back up our recommendations & strategy. When you have a strategy backed with data and you commit to being consistent, results fly in.


Average ROI

What We Get Asked The Most…

What Is Strategic Video?

Strategic video is video content that has a purpose. When you go to a website and see a brand video it’s either really good or just okay. The main point that determines if the video is good is the value it provides you. When we focus on strategic video implementation we are focused on what the outcome needs to be and what steps we need to take to get to that outcome.

I Don't Have Any Reason To Make Video. What Should I do?

If you believe that you don’t have any reason to create video then you must believe that you have no issues with sales or operations. If that doesn’t sound like you, I would challenge you to submit our discovery form and hear what ideas we bring to the table. It costs nothing to start the conversation.

Shouldn't My Videos Only Be 10-Seconds Long?
This seems to be the trend in the understanding of online content. “Content needs to be quick because of people’s attention span!”

While it is true that you need to hook your audience quickly, the length of video doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re getting valuable content in front of your correct audience, you hook them quickly and continue to deliver valuable content throughout the entirety of your video. Podcasts have become one of the most consumed forms of media and can range upwards of four hours.

Right Audience + Value = Attention

Can't I Create Video With My Phone?
You can! And there is nothing wrong with that.

You don’t need to use production-quality cameras to make a video that can really help your business.

What you do need is the expertise to know what to include in the video to make an impact. You need to know what types of camera angles and colors invoke what emotions subconsciously. You need to have the time to dedicate to refining the final product and making sure that all the little details that add up are there. You need the experience in what works and what doesn’t work so you aren’t reinventing the wheel.

That’s why all of our past clients have been thankful that they have chosen to work with us. We have been able to save our clients time and provide a highly catered result through our videos. The time we save isn’t just in the production but in the everyday operations of their businesses.

How Long Does The Process Take?
The quick and not fun answer is “It depends”.


The longer answer is it depends BUT we typically deliver our first draft videos within three weeks of the film date. From delivery we work on two rounds of revisions, the first being focused on what was delivered to you and the second focused on the first round of revisions. From film date to final product takes up to about four weeks but typically flows much faster.

Recent Projects


Focused Content Captian strategy on an ongoing basis.

Hole In The Wall Drywall Repair

“Oh so you do dry wall? I have a new built going up and…” NO. All businesses operate differntly with things they do and don’t do. This structured Video Business Card combats that flow saving hours per month while allowing further brand reach.

Musgrave Land & Homes

Focused Video Business Card to reduce the manual action required to onboard a new client.

Quality Labor Management, LLC

“How do I track time?” We created this video to solve two problems: Introducing the new Q-Time Webapp to current clients & adding a needed asset in the new client acquisition process.


Founded To Focus On Strategy First.

Seeing video that is created out of the need to check the “visibility” box drives our passion for strategic video.

You aren’t in business because you have to be. You’re in business because you have a passion and drive for providing your product or service better than anyone else can.

So why would you not put the effort in to treat your business to video that represents it to the fullest?

Purposeful video goes miles above what is expected of “typical” video; giving you leverage to reduce wasted time, scale past where you are, and drive all operations through the roof. It’s much harder to accomplish, but that’s where SquidCrate excels. We focus on bringing the power of strategic video to businesses that know they deserve it. Our core focus is to eliminate video that isn’t working for our clients and extend them past where they ever believed they could get with the power of purposeful video.

Take The Discovery Form

To ensure that we can help your brand, we ask that businesses interested in working with us fill out our brief Discovery form before we have a conversation. Once we have this information we able to prepare and come in strong without needing to start from step #1.


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