There’s a reason that you don’t see blocks of text on the screen when watching a commercial. When you promote your business in any shape or form, the video production services get your message across clearer, more concisely, and allow you to engage the audience at a higher rate.

When you have only text (Blog/news article), you can lose tone very easily. When you have audio only (Radio/audio podcast) you lose the “human nature” of body language. Video captures the tone, and body language, and gives you the added bonuses of familiarity & attention instantly. If you look at the first televised presidential debate, Nixon walked in as the polling favorite and JFK walked out as the winner, obviously going on to win the election. Before the debate, Americans had only seen photos, read about, and heard about Nixon & JFK on the radio. The debate allowed voters to visually see how Nixon held himself, showing that he appeared nervous and allowing all to see the sweat run down his face. Assuming this was the tipping point of the election, one single video allowed JFK to come from behind and become president of the United States. Video can do a lot, and with a little strategy behind it, you can supercharge your business’s operations, sales, and customer support. Let’s talk about what video can do to directly impact your operations.

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Is A Commercial For My Business The Only Way To Grow Sales?

Everyone watches commercials. When you think about using video for your business, you probably assume that you need to create a video to make someone want to buy something from you and run the ad on TV, a Facebook ad, or something similar. That is 10% of how video can help you in sales.

Depending on how your sales cycle operates there are countless videos that can either assist your sales team in closing a deal, help attract attention to start a conversation, or even drive your audience through a self-serve buying process. where you start in the video all depends on what your goal is and how you operate currently.

If you’re a software company that’s sales cycle is to generate demos or free trials and then convert someone to a monthly subscription on your platform you probably focus on social advertisements, keyword-based advertisements, and email campaigns. The content that goes on these platforms is critical in generating engagement as well as focusing the user on the problem you’re solving for them. If you’re telling someone that your platform is going to allow them to engage their entire team and make it incredibly easy to have transparency throughout the working process, then you should show them what that looks like and utilize real-world examples.

If you are a medical office that reduces pain in individuals, you know what you’re doing is literally changing their lives. They may have an idea that their lives will be affected in a positive manner once they visit you but their fear will be there pushing them for picking up the phone and calling you. if you’re able to address their fear and visibly show them how the end result outweighs their timidness then you’re more likely to get them into the first visit. you cannot fully explain to someone what it’s like to take away their biggest frustration through text. Saying exactly what they need to hear while showing it allows them to feel hope again.

You Probably Don’t Have Extra Time Do You?

Whether your organization focuses on B2B or B2C sales, there’s a lot of information that your target audience needs before they’re willing to purchase from you. I want you to look inward at your organization, how do you currently get this information to your audience? The typical answer we receive is either “the information is on the website” or “our sales team educates on our product”. Both answers are perfectly fine however they do impact time spent throughout the day.

If you have a sales team of five and on average, they spend about 10 minutes per customer just educating on the product/service and they can speak with 10 customers per day you’re looking at over one full working day paid on just education per day (5 sales team members X 100 min per team member = 8.33 hours per day). Even if you’re only spending about $15/hour, that adds up to $624 per week. These numbers are based on what we see in our clients. Plugin your approximations of time you spend educating and see where you stand.

A single strategically crafted video that focuses on the key pain points, common objections and questions, and education on the desired outcome of working with you can be implemented before a potential client gets to a sales team member. In turn, the conversations turn from “What can you do for me?” to “Here are my hyper-specific questions on my use case & what does it take to get started”. The fringe bonus of this is those who would just kick tires with the sales team typically will not continue after they disqualify themselves from watching the video. Implementing strategic video production into your business will guarantee a positive ROI at the bare minimum from the hours in the day you save. Video works 24/7/365, so not only do you get physical time back in your day, but you also essentially have a full-time staff member that you pay for once. We like to refer to them as your new CEO (Chief Education officer).

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Stop Answering the Same Questions!

Any question that anyone asks spawns out of the unknown. As a business, if we’re getting the same question over and over it’s a clear indication that there’s a lack of education in our organization. It’s incredibly frustrating for customer support and sales teams to have to answer these questions over and over but it is not the client’s fault.

A solution that’s been used for years is to create a FAQ page and give a short blurb on the answer. If you have this you are ahead of the curve. But if you’re able to have a Video advertising that addresses each question specifically giving examples of the solution or answer then you have now reduced friction across your entire organization and improved the quality of service for your clients.

A frequently asked questions page is not the only solution. Many times, we implement video education as client success for our customers. This entails videos that serve to educate around the product or service end-user experience so that as a new client comes through the doors they are empowered to maximize the use of what they’re purchasing, speak highly to everyone they know may also need the same, and feel so empowered that they want to continue working with our clients after their first immediate need is solved. So let’s review the last sentence, maximizing the use of what they purchase will directly increase client retention if applicable or client repurchasing. When someone speaks highly of a product or service they purchased they are effectively another advertisement for your brand, Cindy referrals any chance they get. Feeling empowered by what you’ve purchased and having your complete problem solved will make sure that you come back for more and increase the overall lifetime value per client. To achieve one out of three is an incredible feat but we are able to assist our clients over and over to achieve all three through highly crafted strategic video production.

Wait, you aren’t using strategic video?

Overall, the strategic video production company can not only assist your business with new sales but can focus on education and empowerment for your clients to take the weight off of your sales and customer support team as well as reduce the time spent throughout the day on repetitive, non-essential questions. At a point in time video served to set businesses apart from the competition and skyrocket them into the future. In 2022 video serves as a blanket need, everyone is doing it. If you want to skyrocket your business into the future now, you need highly crafted strategic video production.