Many experts in digital marketing are citing Video as the “Tool of the future”. We don’t believe this. Video is the Tool of the present. Today, video is one of the most important forms of communication and it’s becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to have a video presence. Not only is video great for engaging customers and building relationships, but it can also be an extremely effective marketing tool. The tide has changed, and a video is no longer a tool to get your business ahead, but rather, a necessity to make sure you aren’t falling behind.

So if you need a video to stay ahead in business marketing, where do you start? Do you just google “Marketing Video Production” or “Video Production services near me” and start working with anyone that pops up? Or should you just turn the camera on and see what you come up with?

In comes the Video Business Card.

The Video Business Card

One of our entry products, Our Video Business Card (VBC), serves as the perfect way to introduce your business to potential clients and partners while solidifying a stronger understanding of what you do and how you accomplish it, all in just about two minutes. We always recommend this video to new clients as we know how versatile it is. With just one video you are getting a video that can;

  1. Serve as the home page banner on your website to educate all new eyes
  2. Educate all current and new partners on what makes a good referral for you
  3. Educate and convert a landing page for your ads
  4. Qualify & dis-qualify new leads on if you are the right fit
  5. Sit in your email signature in all emails you send out

And so much more.

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Not only do VBCs help to build relationships and educate, but they can also save you time and are crafted to generate a positive ROI.

For example, when you send a VBC to a potential client, you’re not only introducing them to your business, but you’re also providing them with valuable information that can help them make a decision on if you are the appropriate solution to their problem.

What’s more, studies have found that buyers are actually 64% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video that makes them feel (ex. Confident that you can solve their problem, excited that they have found a solution, hopeful about what the outcome of working with you will be, etc). This means that when our clients create a VBC with us, they are directly affecting their percentage to close.

We structure the Video Business Card to ensure you’re getting a positive ROI. As such, we focus on the reduction of wasted time.

How many times have you had to explain what your business does, or go into detail about a project you’ve worked on? A lot of times, we are forced to do this because someone isn’t quite understanding what we do. With a Video Business Card, your message is 100% the same every time (you never leave out a key detail) and the audience that is watching is walked through a journey that answers your frequently asked questions in an organic fashion, leaving them with a solidified understanding on if you are the right fit for them. Time is money, and when you can spend less time on administrative or education tasks, you can focus that effort on billable hours or producing great work.


Video is NEEDED to keep up with your competition, and strategic video will make sure you are surpassing them. The Video business card is the perfect video to get your feet wet with using strategic video to solve actionable problems in your business while generating a positive ROI.

If you’re looking for a video production company that can help you reach your business goals, contact SquidCrate today. We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and see if we are a good fit!